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Covid 19 Policy


The Covid 19 pandemic has affected us all in so many ways.  Here at Umbrella, we are focussed on ensuring that your health and safety are our primary concern.


All the team worked in schools for the duration of 2020 and 2021 and have learned first-hand the challenges that face places of education, so understand fully the challenge and therefore the measures required to keep children and staff safe. Please read below, to find out how we intend to be as covid safe as we can be.


Vaccinations and Testing


All of our performers have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, but to be on the safe side, before any school visit, we will makes sure that all performers have submitted a negative test result from an official Covid-19 test kit.


Social Distancing and Audience Numbers


Within an SEN setting, or indeed within younger year groups who we usually perform to, we know how challenging it can be to keep children apart. Our main focus is to keep our audience numbers to a minimum of 25 for any performance of one of our shows, not least to give learners a more personal experience, but to ensure children can be spaced out appropriately if required.




Part of what makes us unique, is giving young people the opportunity to interact with our shows in a multi-sensory way through sights, sounds, smells and touch. We believe that during these very challenging times that passing around objects can be a risky and unhygienic activity, that’s why in all our shows, each child will have access to a ‘sensory’ bags, each with sensory objects that will help them tell the story with us.


At the end of each performance, new bags will be used and at the end of each day, all items either machine washed or disinfected. Doing all these things we strive to help keep everyone as safe and healthy as we can.


Audience Health and Safety


We know, above all else, that our experience is both a shared one, but also an entirely personal one too. Before every performance we recommend that all young people and staff wash their hands in order to protect themselves, however this is always at the discretion of the class or school. Equally we will not enforce mask wearing for our performances, however fully support any learners or staff members who wish to wear on for their own protection.




If you have any queries or concerns about our visit in regards to covid safety, then don’t hesitate us via this link, or via our phone / email listed at the bottom of the page.

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